2023 Events

 Event Name Event Date Location - StateLink to Single Entry
11th Annual Jaguar Pride Invitational Marching Festival09/09/2023MissouriView Details
43rd Annual Francis Howell Marching Invitational09/16/2023MissouriView Details
Tiger Ambush Classic09/16/2023IllinoisView Details
Mt. Pleasant Marching Band Invitational09/16/2023IowaView Details
15th Annual Wright City Wildcat Pride Invitational09/23/2023MissouriView Details
9th Annual Titan Marching Invitational09/23/2023NebraskaView Details
36th Annual Sullivan Marching Festival09/23/2023MissouriView Details
6th Annual Pirate POWER Classic09/30/2023MissouriView Details
10th Annual Music on the Meramec Marching Festival09/30/2023MissouriView Details
Smith-Cotton Invitational09/30/2023MissouriView Details
Lafayette Contest of Champions09/30/2023MissouriView Details
Rock Bridge Marching Festival09/30/2023MissouriView Details
Golden Regiment Invitational09/30/2023MissouriView Details
Capitol City Marching Band Championships09/30/2023NebraskaView Details
Prospect Knight of Champions09/30/2023IllinoisView Details
Lee's Summit North Marching Invitational10/07/2023MissouriView Details
Washington Marching Festival (Gene Hunt Invitational)10/07/2023MissouriView Details
Valhalla Marching Band Festival10/07/2023MissouriView Details
8th Annual Southern Boone Marching Classic10/14/2023MissouriView Details
Branson Marching Invitational10/14/2023MissouriView Details
FZN River City Showcase10/14/2023MissouriView Details
Omaha Marching Invitational10/14/2023NebraskaView Details
Odessa Marching Invitational10/14/2023MissouriView Details
Lincoln Public Schools Marching Band Invitational10/14/2023NebraskaView Details
Bi-State Marching Invitational10/14/2023MissouriView Details
Octoberfest Parade and Field Show Competition10/14/2023IllinoisView Details
57th Annual Carthage Maple Leaf Marching Festival10/21/2023MissouriView Details
15th Annual Ozark Mountain Marching Festival-Reeds Spring, MO10/21/2023MissouriView Details
MSMA Class 1-3 Field State Championship Hosted @ South Callaway High School10/21/2023MissouriView Details
MSMA Class 4-5 Field State Championship Hosted @ Battle High School10/21/2023MissouriView Details
Royal Regiment Invitational10/21/2023MissouriView Details
UCM Festival of Champions10/28/2023MissouriView Details
MSMA Parade State Championships10/28/2023MissouriView Details
Macon City of Maples Marching Festival10/28/2023MissouriView Details
 Event Name Event Date Location - StateLink to Single Entry
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