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Golden Regiment Invitational
Blue Springs
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Peve Stadium, Blue Springs High School, 2000 NW Ashton Drive Blue Springs MO

2023 Marks the 45th Anniversary of the Blue Springs Golden Regiment Invitational Marching Festival!

Join us for:

Exposure to other bands with great talent, artistry, and musicianship.
A competition with the professionalism and grandeur of a Bands of America event.
Midwestern hospitality of Blue Springs staff and volunteers.
Nationally recognized adjudicators.
Enthusiastic and energetic audiences.
State-of-the-art facilities
Artificial turf warm-up and performance fields.
Competition Format:

The GRI creates a balance of competition between different school sizes with invitations being extended to specific programs with the same legacy of performance excellence. This symmetry in band sizes will ensure that schools can be competitive in their own class. And, the talent and artistry of the bands that attend provides an inspiration and motivation to students as they get to experience performances from other schools in different ranges of size. This will extend through the culmination of the evening show's activities with the exhibition performance of the top nationally ranked Golden Regiment marching band.

The GRI will feature two performance competitions, the purple and gold shows. The performance at both shows is optional giving schools the flexibility to manage their competition based on the needs of their schedule. Some schools may choose the morning show to allow a shorter day competition with the awards tentatively scheduled to begin at 3:45 pm. Other schools may choose to utilize the morning for their own technical rehearsals before taking the field in the evening competition scheduled to start at 5:30 pm. And many schools will choose both shows as an opportunity to perform twice in one day while receiving two performance scores at a discounted price.

This competition format gives bands the opportunity to receive a guarantee of two show adjudications and critiques from top level judges from around the country. All bands are given two chances to receive class awards with this two show format. This format has been popular for bands that are looking for "early in the season" judging and feedback as they work to develop their show throughout the rest of their competition season.

The purple (morning) show will feature bands split into four classifications based on the band's size. Bands will perform in order groupings based on their size classifications. Class A (smallest band size) will perform first, tentatively starting at 10:15 AM. The Class D bands (largest size) will perform last with that grouping tentatively starting at 2:45 PM. Class awards will be provided for the top four bands in each classification ensuring that every group will receive a placement trophy. Additionally trophies for outstanding soloist(s), visual performance, musical performance, and general effect (regardless of groupings) will be presented giving each school the opportunity to compete across classifications for the top honors.

The gold (evening) show will feature bands split into classifications based on the school's size. However, the performance order will be based on a random draw and adjudicators will not be given any indication about what class size division each band is placed in. The top three returning bands (based on scoring) from the 2022 Golden Regiment Invitational marching festival will automatically be granted the final three evening performance time slots tentatively scheduled for 9:15 PM, 9:30 PM, and 9:45 PM. The random draw will be recorded and published through the Golden Regiment Invitational YouTube channel in the weeks prior to the competition. The gold show performances will tentatively start at 5:30 PM. Awards will be provided for the top four bands in each classification with a maximum of four bands in each group. Additionally, trophies for outstanding soloist(s), visual performance, musical performance, and general effect (regardless of groupings) will be presented. And to round out the cross classification competition, Grand Prize awards will be presented for the top three placements overall.

Festival Services:
The Golden Regiment Invitational seeks to create a positive and fun experience for spectators and students typically found at larger nationally run competitions. Festival services like photography, souvenirs, and concessions ensure that when you select the GRI, you are getting a lot of value for the money spent to attend. The band registration fees for the GRI are extremely competitive, especially when compared to other national competitions that offer the same level of service, organization, exceptional facilities, and top quality adjudication. Learn more about Festival Services at

Pricing and Registration:
Registration for the purple (morning) and gold (evening) show are priced at the rate of $300 for each competition.

For bands that want to perform at both competitions (purple and gold), there is a bundled price of $450 for registration in both shows.

Registration should be made online by May 1st to ensure placement in the competition. Upon registration a confirmation email will be submitted. In mid-summer, attending bands will receive a packet detailing key dates for submission of information for field announcements, program books, and other details.

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Participating Bands

Golden Regiment Invitational
Purple Show Awards
Class A
1st Raytown
2nd Clinton

Outstanding Music Raytown
Outstanding Visual Raytown
Outstanding General Effect Raytown

Class B
1st Olathe South
2nd DeSoto
3rd Olathe North

Outstanding Music Olathe South
Outstanding Visual Olathe South
Outstanding General Effect DeSoto

1st Olathe South
2nd DeSoto
3rd Olathe North

Class C
1st Blue Springs South
2nd Buhler
3rd Lee’s Summit

Outstanding Music Buhler
Outstanding Visual Blue Springs South
Outstanding General Effect Blue Springs South

Outstanding Soloists Regardless of Class
Trombone DeSoto
Mellophone Olathe South
Flute Olathe North
Baritone Buhler

Outstanding Drum Major
Class A Raytown
Class B DeSoto
Class C Blue Springs South

Gold Show
Open Class A
1st Blue Valley
2nd Olathe North
3rd DeSoto

Outstanding Music Blue Valley
Outstanding Visual Blue Valley
Outstanding General Effect Blue Valley

Open Class B

1st Grain Valley
2nd Blue Springs South
3rd Buhler
4th Lee’s Summit

Outstanding Music Tie Blue Springs South, Grain Valley
Outstanding Visual Grain Valley
Outstanding General Effect Grain Valley

Open Class Overall

1st 80.30 Grain Valley
2nd 78.40 Blue Springs South
3rd 77.35 Blue Valley

Purple Performance Schedule
12:00 Raytown
12:20 Clinton
12:40 De Soto
1:00 Olathe North
1:20 Olathe South
1:40 Buhler
2:00 Blue Springs South
2:20 Lee's Summit
2:40-3:40 Purple Awards Ceremony

Gold Performance Schedule
6:40 Buhler
7:00 Lee's Summit
7:20 De Soto
7:40 Blue Valley
8:00 Olathe North
8:20 Blue Springs South
8:40 Grain Valley
9:00 Blue Springs Golden Regiment (Exhibition)
9:20-10:20 Gold Awards Ceremony

Tim Allshouse
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