Drums at Appletime 2023

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Drums at Appletime 2023
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$10.00 for Adults.
$5.00 Student Admission (Grades 6-12).
Children 5 and Under are Free.

On behalf of the Murphysboro Apple Festival Committee, you are cordially invited to participate in the Apple Festival Grand Parade competition and Drums at Appletime Field Show competition on Saturday, September 16th, 2023. As has become the tradition, the parade competition will be open to junior high school, middle school, and high school bands. Drums at Appletime is for high school bands only.

No one can resist the lure of a marching band and Drums at Appletime continues as one of Murphysboro Apple Festival's most popular events, drawing sell-out crowds year after year.

From it's inception, featuring nationally touring Drum Corps like the Black Knights Drum & Bugle Corps, to today, showcasing the region's most talented high school marching bands, the level of competition has not changed!

The Grand Parade is just a taste of the level of performance and musicianship these students possess - Drums at Appletime is where they really shine!

Murphysboro's own Crimson Express began hosting in 1990 and have gone on to compete and win many major competitions throughout the United States and Canada. They continue to welcome marching bands from the area and beyond to this annual event and feature the talents of their members in exhibition at the end of the night.

Concessions will be available around the east bleachers. We will take cashless payments!

The Murphysboro Apple Festival has always sought to provide an event that is responsive to the educational needs of bands that participate. We strive to employ the highest quality adjudicators to evaluate your performances.

Please consider joining us on Saturday, September 16th for both the Appletime Grand Parade and Drums at Appletime 2023! Click on this link to enter: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJSFbl8wEpliyIDV8Wl8HZhJF7RWcpNGajQS-YAtW_suHI8Q/viewform

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Participating Bands

Grand Champion: McCracken County, KY

Parade JH:
40.500 Pinckneyville Junior High (DM, )
37.000 Anna Junior High (Percussion)
36.000 DuQuoin Middle School (Auxiliary)

Parade B:
53.500 Cobden
52.000 Norris City (Auxiliary)
50.000 Trico (DM, Percussion)
37.500 Shawnee

Parade 1A:
66.000 Kelly, MO (DM)
61.000 Pinckneyville Community (Auxiliary, Percussion)
Parade 2A:
82.500 Harrisburg (DM, Auxiliary)
63.500 Massac County (Percussion)
Parade 3A:
77.250 Centralia (DM, Auxiliary, Percussion)

Field 1A:
59.700 Anna-Jonesboro (DM)
54.800 Pinckneyville Community (Percussion, Auxiliary)
49.000 Kelly, MO
46.800 DuQuoin
46.700 East Prairie, MO
39.700 Frankfort Community

Field 2A:
72.800 Waterloo (Percussion, Auxiliary)
71.200 Centralia (DM)
51.700 Carterville

Field 3A:
77.600 McCracken County, KY (Percussion, Auxiliary)
71.300 Cape Central, MO
62.100 Marion
61.900 Northwest, MO (DM)

Appletime Grand Parade
11:00 AM: Murphysboro
11:05 AM: Murphysboro Middle School

Class B
11:10 AM: Shawnee
11:15 AM: Norris City
11:20 AM: Cobden
11:25 AM: Trico

Class 1A
11:30 AM: Pinckneyville Community
11:35 AM: Kelly, MO

Class 2A
11:40 AM: Massac County
11:45 AM: Harrisburg

Class 3A
11:50 AM: Centralia

Class JH
11:55 AM: Anna Junior High
12:00 PM: DuQuoin Middle School
12:05 PM: Pinckneyville Junior High

Drums at Appletime 2023
4:30 PM: DuQuoin
4:45 PM: East Prairie, MO
5:00 PM: Frankfort Community
5:15 PM: Anna-Jonesboro
5:30 PM: Kelly, MO
5:45 PM: Pinckneyville Community

6:00 PM: Break

6:15 PM: Carterville
6:30 PM: Centralia
6:45 PM: Waterloo

7:00 PM: Break

7:15 PM: Cape Central, MO
7:30 PM: Marion
7:45 PM: Northwest, MO
8:00 PM: McCracken County, KY

8:15 PM: Murphysboro

8:30 PM: Awards

Music Execution-Mark Thomas, Parade and Field Show
Music General Effect-Mark Mikulay, Parade and Field Show
Visual Execution-Juan Black, Parade and Field Show
Visual General Effect for Field Show-David Drillinger
Color Guard for Parade and Field Show-William Stevenson
Percussion-Adam Hall, Parade and Field Show
Drum Major-Lindsey Williams, Parade and Field Show

Nicholas Williams
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