Stones River Championship

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Stones River Championship

Your band is cordially invited to the 4th Annual Stones River Championship hosted at Siegel High School in Murfreesboro, TN. The SRC seeks to provide bands with the best possible educational feedback they can receive at a band competition.

The SRC will use a prelims/finals performance format. In prelims, bands will compete against their class for the opportunity to perform in finals. After prelims, class awards will be awarded, and the top 10 highest scoring bands, regardless of class, will be invited to perform in finals. If there is a class not represented in that top 10, the winner of that class from prelims will be invited to perform in exhibition at the start of finals.

In finals, all bands will compete against each other, regardless of class. Grand Champion “Cannon” trophies will be awarded to the highest scoring bands from the Small Division (Class A-AA) and Large Division (Class AAA-AAAA). These trophies will be in the possession of the winning bands for one year and will be engraved upon their return. In addition to the “Cannon” trophies, awards for Outstanding Music, Visual, General Effect, Percussion, and Color Guard will also be presented.

To register for the SRC, please complete the online entry form and mail a check for $100 to the Siegel High School Band Boosters. All entries and payments must be received by August 31, 2018.

Participating Bands

Prelims Schedule
10:00am – Goodpasture
10:15am – White House Heritage
10:30am – Hillwood
10:45am – Antioch
11:00am – Coffee County
11:30am – Hendersonville
11:45am – Independence
12:00pm – John Overton
12:15pm – Heritage (TN)

12:30pm – Lunch Break

1:30pm – Buckhorn
1:45pm – Bob Jones
2:00pm – Summit
2:15pm – McGavock
2:45pm – East Hickman
3:00pm – Heritage (GA)
3:15pm – Riverdale
3:30pm – Oakland
3:45pm – Fred J Page

4:00pm – Prelim Awards

4:30pm – Dinner Break

Finals Schedule
5:30pm – Exhibition (if necessary)
5:45pm – Exhibition (if necessary)
6:00pm – Finalist #1
6:15pm – Finalist #2
6:30pm – Finalist #3
6:45pm – Finalist #4
7:00pm – Finalist #5
7:30pm – Finalist #6
7:45pm – Finalist #7
8:00pm – Finalist #8
8:15pm – Finalist #9
8:30pm – Finalist #10
8:45pm – Exhibition – Siegel High School Band

9:15pm – Finals Awards Ceremony

Music Ensemble – John Easley
Music Effect – David England
Visual Ensemble – Eric Harris
Visual Effect – Stephanie Renell Boisjolie
Color Guard – Josh Swain
Percussion – Shane Gwaltney

Music Ensemble – Eric Harris
Music Effect – John Easley
Visual Ensemble – Josh Swain
Visual Effect – Shane Gwaltney
Color Guard – Stephanie Renell Boisjolie
Percussion – David England

Alex Sears
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