Francis Howell Viking Invitational

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Francis Howell Viking Invitational
Saint Charles

Adults $8
Students & Senior Adults $5
Children 5 & under - free

MC, Visa, AMEX, Discover accepted

Come join us for the 37th Annual Francis Howell Invitational! Our event offers:
* Turf field
* Prelims/finals format
* Bands classified based on total band size
* Outstanding judging panel (including additional judges for percussion and guard)
* Caption Awards for Outstanding Guard, Percussion, Music, Visual, and General Effect for each class in the preliminary round as well as overall for finals.

Online Entry:

Participating Bands

Preliminary Round Results

Lafayette 85.65 (music, visual, gen effect, guard)
Marquette 75.05
Parkway South 72.9
Fort Zumwalt South 71.75 (percussion)
Helias Catholic 63.65
Hazelwood West 60.4
McCluer North 57.55
Houston 52.1
Timberland 82.5 (music, visual, guard)
Francis Howell North 79.95 (gen effect, percussion)
Seckman 74.95
Fort Osage 74.7
Poplar Bluff 65.9
Francis Howell Central 83.3 (music, gen effect)
Wentzville Holt 80.05 (visual, percussion, guard)
Washington 72.5

Final Round Results

Timberland 87.95 (visual, guard)
Lafayette 87.75 (gen effect)
Francis Howell Central 84.90 (music)
Wentzville Holt 83.15 (percussion)
Francis Howell North 82.60
Parkway South 78.95
Marquette 75.85
Fort Osage 75.85
Seckman 74.50
Washington 73.65

Team Pageantry, Inc.

Music Individual - John Cook - Indianapolis, IN
Music Ensemble - Dave Monesmith - Avon, IN
Music Effect - Miles Threlkeld - Newport, KY
Visual Individual - Jeff Gentry - Greenwood, IN
Visual Ensemble - Tom Hillenbrand - Indianapolis, IN
Visual Effect - Lee Gibson - Indianapolis, IN
Color Guard - Wanda Conway - Indianapolis, IN
Percussion - Alan Barone - Tinley Park, IL

Music Individual - Miles Threlkeld
Music Ensemble - John Cook
Music Effect - Dave Monesmith
Visual Individual - Lee Gibson
Visual Ensemble - Jeff Gentry
Visual Effect - Tom Hillenbrand
Color Guard - Wanda Conway
Percussion - Alan Barone

Chris Miller
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