Macon Marching Festival

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Macon Marching Festival
Macon, MO


Parade - $100
Indoor Drumline - $85
Indoor Auxiliary - $85
Field Show - $200

​Discounts for Multiple Events!

Parade and 1 Indoor - $175
Parade and 2 Indoor - $250
Parade and Field - $280
Parade, Field, and 1 Indoor - $350
Parade, Field, and 2 Indoor - $400
Field and 1 Indoor - $275
Field and 2 Indoor - $350
2 Indoor - $150

The Macon Marching Tigers are proud to host their 2nd annual marching band festival in the great City of Maples!  This festival will be held on Saturday, October 23rd and features a parade competition, indoor drumline competition, indoor auxiliary competition, and field competition on our new turf field.  Schools will be classified by school size using MSHSAA standards. 

Fine arts are alive and well in Macon through the great support of community members!  Not only does the school system have a thriving band program, but you can find artistic ventures all throughout the community with museums and professional, live theater.  Director of bands, Jamie Baker, has been participating in marching festivals for over 25 years and knows what it takes to run a great festival other band directors will find educational and enjoyable.  This event is organized to bring out all the great things other festivals do, but in one location!  You will find the drive easy to Macon, as we are located at the intersection of Highways 63 and 36---both being four-lane roads from all directions.

We hope you give us great consideration as you plan your fall marching calendars, as our community will graciously welcome you to our Macon -  City of Maples Marching Festival!

Participating Bands

Time School Class
9:00 Macon High School 3A Ex.
9:05 Marion County R-II 1A
9:10 Concordia High School 1A
9:15 Glasgow High School 1A
9:20 Monroe City 2A
9:25 MIlan 2A
9:30 Salisbury High School 2A
9:35 Sweet Springs High School 2A
9:40 Putnam County High School 2A
9:45 South Shelby HS 2A
9:50 Brookfield R-III 2A
9:55 Hartville 2A
10:00 Harrisburg 2A
10:05 New Bloomfield 2A
10:10 Carrollton High School 2A
10:15 Fayette High School 2A
10:20 Trenton High School 3A
10:25 Bowling Green High School 3A
10:30 Centralia High School 3A
10:35 Southern Boone 3A
10:40 Wright City 3A
10:45 Marshall High School 4A
10:50 Mexico High School 4A
10:55 Hannibal High School 4A
11:00 School of the Osage 4A
Parade Times are only approximate.

Time School Class
11:00 Macon High School 3A Ex.
11:10 MIlan 2A
11:20 Putnam County High School 2A
11:30 Scotland County R-I 2A
11:40 New Bloomfield 2A
11:50 Fayette High School 2A
12:00 Trenton High School 3A
12:10 Bowling Green 3A
12:20 Southern Boone 3A
12:30 Wright City 3A
12:40 Excelsior Springs High School 4A
12:50 Kirksville High School 4A
1:00 School of the Osage 4A

Time School Class
1:00 Macon High School 3A Ex.
1:10 Worth County 1A
1:20 Concordia High School 1A
1:30 Fayette High School 2A
1:40 Putnam County High School 2A
1:50 MIlan 2A
2:00 Scotland County R-I 2A
2:10 Trenton High School 3A
2:20 Bowling Green High School 3A
2:30 Southern Boone 3A
2:40 Excelsior Springs High School 4A
2:50 Kirksville High School 4A
3:00 School of the Osage 4A

Time School Class
1:00 Concordia High School 1A
1:15 Glasgow High School 1A
1:30 Salisbury High School 2A
1:45 Sweet Springs High School 2A
2:00 Schuyler R-1 2A
2:15 South Shelby HS 2A
2:45 Harrisburg 2A
3:00 Carrollton High School 2A
3:15 Putnam County High School 2A
3:30 Fayette High School 2A
4:00 1A-2A Awards

4:30 Trenton High School 3A
4:45 Bowling Green High School 3A
5:00 Centralia High School 3A
5:15 Southern Boone 3A
5:30 Wright City 3A
5:45 Marshall High School 4A
6:00 Excelsior Springs High School 4A
6:15 Mexico High School 4A
6:30 Hannibal High School 4A
6:45 Kirksville High School 4A
7:00 School of the Osage 4A
7:15 Fort Osage High School 5A
7:30 Macon High School 3A Ex.
Awards at 7:50 p .m.


Jeff Hinton
Chuck Appleton
Jay Jones
John Tocco
Michael Bump
Hannah Woodward

Jamie Baker
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